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the limners and bards limited

Description of Company

Limners and Bards (The Lab) is one of the country's premier advertising agencies and production companies staffed by an elite team of creatives, marketers and filmmakers. The Company is an awardwinning, fullservice and fully integrated advertising agency and production company that offers its services through three (3) main business divisions; Agency, media and production. The Lab has built strong client relationships with leading consumer brands contributing to the repertoire of expert level Caribbean film making and over 400 projects including commercials, corporate videos and music videos.

IPO Details

Short Name: LAB

Currency: JMD

Opening Date: 17 Jul 2019

Closing Date (On or before) : 31 Jul 2019

Lead Broker: NCB Capital Markets

Arranger: NCB Capital Markets


Industry: Other

Share Pools

Description Maximum Shares Minimum Shares Share Increment Size Shares Available Unit Price
General 50,000,050 1,000 100 50,000,050 $1.00
Employee 1,600,000 1,000 10 1,600,000 $1.00
Key Partner 85,538,000 1,000 10 85,538,000 $1.00
Industry 2,000,000 1,000 10 2,000,000 $1.00
Broker 50,000,000 50,000,000 10 50,000,000 $1.00

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the limners and bards limited

Opening Date:17 Jul 2019

Closing Date (on or before): 31 Jul 2019

General Share Unit Price: $1.00

General Share Amount: 50,000,050