Initial Public Offerings


eppley caribbean property fund limited scc - value fund

Opening Date:28 Jun 2019

Closing Date (on or before): 12 Jul 2019

General Share Unit Price: $46.18

General Share Amount: 87,791,350

wigton windfarm limited

Opening Date:17 Apr 2019

Closing Date (on or before): 01 May 2019

General Share Unit Price: $0.50

General Share Amount: 8,800,000,000

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What is an Initial Public Offering?

An initial public offering, or IPO, is the very first sale of stock issued by a company to the public. Prior to an IPO the company is considered private, with a relatively small number of shareholders made up primarily of early investors (such as the founders, their families and friends) and professional investors (such as venture capitalists or angel investors). The public, on the other hand, consists of everybody else – any individual or institutional investor who wasn’t involved in the early days of the company and who is interested in buying shares of the company.

Who is a broker?

A stockbroker (shortened as broker) is a member/dealer of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and is a direct link between the client and the stock market. The broker gives advice on which securities to buy and sell, and he collects a fee or commission as compensation for his service to the client.

How does GOIPO help with my application?

GOIPO automates and accelerates the submission of your application to the broker and to the JSE. It is a more convenient and reliable way to submit and track the status of your orders without the need to contact a wealth advisor.

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